About Us

The crew at promorganiser.com are United Kingdom’s most enthusiastic, youth-oriented Prom organisers in the Country.

BEWARE: We feel it is our responsibility to save you from having a BORING Prom! Over the past seven years working at the top of the Prom Industry, we have constantly heard teenagers say the same thing, "Our Prom was soo boring!"...


Let's face the facts, you wouldn't trust your Parents to host a 'cool' Prom would you? So why trust another 40+ year old to throw you the best Prom imaginable? What does a 40 year old know about things that teenagers think are cool? Really?


We at promorganiser.com are in the Industry of Music & Entertainment, we know that what truly makes a remarkable Prom is the following:



Only Use A 5 Star Prestige Venue



A Celebrity DJ/Artist, we have EXCLUSIVE use of the most recognised Artists in United Kingdom (They ONLY perform for mirpom.com and no other prom Company) DON'T GET STUCK WITH A NO NAME WEDDING DJ PLAYING 80s/90s MUSIC!)



We use Entertainers from the USA to fly down directly to your event!

The truth is, ANYONE can put together a Prom for you that will include; the venue, security guards, photographers, five star food service, decorations ...

BEWARE: But there's a difference between providing you with just 'what you need' and providing you with THE BEST. At mirpom.com we LITERALLY role out the red carpet for you, YOU ARE A CELEBRITY and as such we will surround you with celebrities, so make sure to check out the BIG NAMES of our Artists and Entertainers who will be part of the team to host for you a night you will NEVER forget! Things that teenagers think are cool? Really?