Parent Info

What Venues Do You Use?

Prom Organisers United Kingdom will work with all of the top 5 star venues across United Kingdom. We will tailor your venue to suit your numbers and budget for the event.

What Are Your Standards Of Service Like?

We are a high-end exclusive Prom company, so naturally our standards are of the highest service.

You can rest assured that you will be provided with only the finest quality three-course meal and that the Prom dining area will be an embodiment of prestige, elegance and class.

Mi Prom United Kingdom uses very unique decorations that makes our events stand out from the rest, not just your typical helium balloons, streamers and a wooden dance floor for the dance space. Our events have that ‘wow’ factor when you walk into a room.

The Managers of Prom Organisers United Kingdom have worked as event specialists for the past seven years managing all types of events across a wide spectrum, from 10 person events to 40,000+ person events. We are perfectionists at what we do and guarantee only a premium standard of service.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Absolutely, our public liability insurance is up to date and we are happy to supply it to you upon request.

Will There Be Alcohol At The Event?

If it is a year 10 or 11 School Prom event, then alcohol will obviously not be supplied to any students. If it is a year 12 School Prom, then it will depend on a few factors.

1. Are Parents/Teachers attending the event? If so, the decision must be made by the Parents/Teachers if they are okay for the over 18s students to drink or not.

2. Parents/Teachers are not attending the event? Then we are happy to supply alcohol to the over18s students if that what the majority of the School would like.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Not at all. We have catered our packages to assure that you will be provided with absolutely everything you will require for Prom Organisers event. Once a price per head is set and the minimum number of persons, that will be the final costing, no extras added on at a later date.

How Is The Event Monitored With Overage And Underage Drinking?

All guests have their IDs checked at the door upon arrival, persons who are 18+ are given a wrist band confirming that they are allowed to drink on the night.

We segregate an area of the venue that is for the 18+ people only where the drinking occurs. Meaning that the under 18s persons are not mixed with or near the alcohol. The over 18s and under 18s share the venue together, can all go on the dance floor together, but the allocated drinking area is the only part of the venue that non 18+ people are not allowed in.

We also do not allow pass outs on the night, this helps us to keep a safe eye on the students so that we are sure no persons are going off down a street and drinking alcohol outside of the venue. We are very aware and cautious of the safety of the students.

Will There Be Security Guards?

Absolutely. We always supply a minimum of 1 guard per 50 people at our events and all of our guards are strictly briefed on how to manage the School students. We do not use guards who are aggressive or abusive towards the students, they know they have an important responsibility to the students and must treat them with care.