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Prom Events season fast approaches … If your son or daughter has been given the task of organising a Prom for their end of year celebrations they’ll want a stunning Prom Venue that won’t let them down. They’ll be easy to pick from and worth that social media Check-In or meal snap … without any of the leg work from your Prom Organiser so they can still prioritise their all-important studies.

  • Your budding Prom Organiser can't have a Prom without the perfect Venue. Partner Venues work directly with us so that we can offer your Prom Organiser the best Venue for your Prom budget. We'll make sure that you don’t have to settle to sprucing up your Gymnasium or Assembly Hall.

  • Prom Organiser can get your children a beautiful hotel Venue in your country or county that is suitable for their guest list. Let us set the backdrop to their Prom. We'll make sure your Venue is booked as soon as we receive the 50% deposit. We arrange designer decorations - a cut above the usual balloons and streamers - and ensure that your guests and children are in safe hands.

  • BBQ's or picnics sound like fun but only work when the weather is just right. You don’t want to end up doing the prep work. Whether your Prom Event is for a Junior or Senior Prom our premium Venues will be able to provide a wonderful two course or three course meal depending on your chosen Prom package. We’ll even set up a meal tasting before the big day so you can see the calibre of the Venue's service.

Just choose your Schools County to get started… is only stating and giving information to you which venues run these types of events,
once we have confirmed a Prom like any consumer we are entitled to book your function with them.

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